Friday, May 7, 2010

Warrior Cat by Cornelia DeDona

Warrior Cat
by Cornelia DeDona

All hail Midnight,
black as a deep dark cave
your sleek fur, wet from battle
glistening under a full moon.
Fierce tom cat
mountain trails scream
and hiss your name
as you score another notch
on your untamed belt
a wide belt fashioned for conflict
ravaging feral females and reaping the spoils
of your conquest.
I am but a detour on your route.
I wait for days for you to return home
bloody and bruised
minus some fur
missing part of an ear
a long thick string
of slimy green snot.
accepting medicine
a rebel hungry
for food and affection.
Nudging me to
pet you and
pull on your tail
but just for a minute
barely a minute.


R.S. Bohn said...

I love this! All hail Midnight! Fabulous homage to a friend. :)

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