Monday, May 17, 2010

As I Have Comforted Myself by Marilyn Basel

As I Have Comforted Myself
by Marilyn Basel

my tiny kitten
I still see you, looking back
how many times gently warned
not to bat the bees
at the screen, your
animal scream when
stung on the pads
and because I had said NO
at the same time you felt pain
you ran from me, your comfort
and protector, you ran and hid
under the sofa, to nurse your pain
in your own way and though
it hurt me that you thought
I had stung you
I let you feel safe there awhile
kept the monster human away
how you saw me then
though I had done you no harm
I comforted you from afar

as I have often comforted myself
pulled back from monstrous human
this and that
from under some soft roof
of dread


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