Free Fiction and Poetry on the Web

LITSNACK - OUR MOTTO AT LITSNACK IS: "EASY IN. . .EASY OUT. . .NOBODY GETS HURT." We know you're a busy person in a busy world. You don't always have time to read classics like Great Expectations, War and Peace, or The Bridges of Madison County. So here at LITSNACK, we've got you by the short ones.
The Write Place at the Write Time - Imagine that you are seated comfortably in a chic café with the décor of your choice. In the time it takes you to consume the generous warm mug of coffee or tea cradled between your hands, you can step into another world, abandon your senses and delve into another space and time. You do this by allowing a mysterious stranger to pull up a chair across from you and tell you a story. Close your eyes, listen to the words in your mind and be swept away...
ShadowCast Audio Anthology - We look for the best Dark fiction we can find, and will bring it to you through a modern marvel called The ShadowCast Podcast. There’s a lot of good stuff out there, and we bring all of it we can out of the shadows and into the light of day. Here you will find full, complete stories..

Copper Wire - Emerald Tales' supplemental stories and poems and other bits of interest.

Raven and the Writing Desk
- Free shorts and fiction delights with Aubrie Dionne, Cherie Reich, and Lisa Rusczyk.

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