I started this cat Web zine in 2010 because I wanted to work on being a better editor and receive submissions about cats all day...and it was awesome! I was able to pay a small amount for stories, art, and poems for about a year and a half, then had to call it quits because I lost my job.

I adore kitties and have seven of them. They are as much a part of every day life as eating, breathing, and kissing my husband when he comes home from work. They tangle in my legs while I sleep, they greet me at my car or the house door when I come home, they eat with me, and love nothing more than a good snuggle and a scratch.

I've always loved cats. Always.

Cats have come and gone, and I've adored each one in his or her unique way of being. No two cats are nearly alike.

As of December 2013, I decided to get the site going again, but I can't do it without your help. You: the contributors. My money problems are starting to be solved with editing work I do, as well as ghost writing jobs I pick up from time to time. I'm hoping to be able to pay for contributions by April of 2014 if enough artists and writers contribute.

I decided to put ads on the site to see how that works for now. I'd love to start paying meow lovers for cat art again!

I usually answer all emails within a day, unless I'm out of town. I'm friendly and down-to-earth, and if there's anything I learned in the year and a half I was able to pay for submissions, it's that there are a zillion brilliant artists and writers out there and I want to show their stuff!

I have around an 80% acceptance rate with Hazard Cat, and edit the pieces, but it's light editing. More like proofreading, unless something is glaringly wrong. Even though I cannot pay at this time, the site, for three years now, gets about 500 unique hits a month. I can offer you a bio and links to your stuff with your accepted and published piece. I do this for love, as you all do your craft, and I want to help you get known, get a break.

Maybe someone will see your post and go to your Web site. Maybe she'll buy a book. Then maybe she'll tell her husband to read it, and he'll give it to his brother. Then someone tweets...etc. etc.

Yes, I'm a dreamer, and it's working for me so far. But I've never known anything in dreams that comes close to my love of the fascinating house cat. If you've come to Hazard Cat, then you, too, have been affected by the lovelies in some meaningful way, too.

Please write with any questions or queries. I promise I'll get back to you.

Lisa Hazard
hazardcatzine (at) yahoo.com


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