Monday, May 3, 2010

Outside by Shannon Peil

by Shannon Peil


He's watching so very intently
as I pull up and park
and I can't even remember what it's like
to think 'outside' is so very exciting

Because I spend all this money every month
for a place to put my stuff in
with a roof

All he wants is to climb that tree
and roll around in the leaves I raked
he wants it so bad he'll dodge between my legs to escape
and once he's out there I'll spend all evening catching him
to put him back in a place he can't wait to run away from

is this love?


Aubrie said...

I love this poem. I feel like this with my dogs as well. They are so eager to get out of the nice home I've brought them to. Oh well. :) You gotta love them!

Anonymous said...

My cat's like this, too--he is dying to escape, but when you finally catch up with him outside, he pretends it was you he was looking for, all along...

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