Friday, May 21, 2010

Please Love Me! by Doris M. Kneppel

Please Love Me!
by Doris M. Kneppel

I hate it when those dogs bark.
I wish I were back in that park.
I'm cold and afraid.
Please come to my aid.
This cage is so cold and so dark.

Was I bad that they put me in jail?
I'm a sweet kit so where did I fail?
Won't someone love me?
I'll love back, you'll see.
I'll be quiet and I'll never wail.

Oh look! That lady seems kind!
Please, Lady, I'm right here to find.
Ah, she says that I'm sweet.
Oh, joy, what a treat!
I hope that she's made up her mind.

I now have a home and a friend.
Lady pets me and loves me no end!
I sleep and I play.
I never will stray.
My lady is a blessing God-sent.


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