Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting the New Year with Two Cat Poems by Joe DiMino

Meow, Meow
by Joe DiMino

Meow, Meow
You talk to me—
But I answer
With foreign words;
Meow, Meow
Concise your vocabulary
Yet senselessly I reply…
Meow, Meow
Unlike you
I have made a dictionary
Of love
And you say as much
With soft little purr—
Meow, meow
I try your way
But sound absurd…

Five Cats
by Joe DiMino

One cat two cat
Three cats four,
If you don’t like them
Don’t open up the door
(And one more makes five)
I opened the door
And five cats ran in;
I managed to get two out
Then there were only three;
Got another one out
But two ran back in;
Got four out
But couldn’t find the fifth;
Found the fifth
Shooed him out
Only to have four race back in;
Finally I opened a can of tuna—
Got all five out
But the weather had severely changed
And it was getting quite cold
So I let five cats in….


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