Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ode to Blackie by Lisa Gurney

Ode to Blackie
by Lisa Gurney

I couldn't let my Blackie go without a word or two.
A tribute of some verbal kind is the least that I could do.

I met her 20 years ago as I walked through a shelter's door.
A tiny black cat in a giant cage, I would feel love forever more.

Her beauty was often remarked upon, but once you got past that,
you'd know her gentle, contented spirit - more angel divine than cat.

Together we shared in joyful moments and weathered some stormy days.
She gave me comfort, she made me smile, and helped in many ways.

"How can a cat affect one so?" you may ask as you read through.
If you met my Black you would surely know and I'd guess she affected you too.

So now I leave her in God's hands to delight all those above.
To run through heaven's lovely fields. Oh my little, tiny love!

You will be remembered each and every day, of that you need not fear.
You remain eternally in my heart. I will hold you forever dear.


Mikie said...

; ;

Janet said...

love the pic of the two of you too - looks like yin and yang.

Lyn C. A. said...

I'm so sorry you lost your special first cat was also a black cat, Tino, and will be forever in my heart. I'm so glad you had 20 years with your wonderful Blackie.
Best wishes,
Lyn C. A. Gardner

Cath Barton said...

She's another star in the firmament, your lovely friend.

Rick Hartwell said...

I think Blackie was the re-embodiment Ignatz (more a comment on society of the '60s than on the cat) whom I lost in 1970. We will probably never know, but I like to think Blackie will "turn up" again as did Ignatz. Happy life after loss. Best-

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