Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Purrsonal Story My Sister's Cat is My Role Model by D. Drover

My Sister's Cat is My Role Model
by D. Drover

When I was younger, my sister had a cat that always used to meow and throw herself at the vacuum cleaner anytime it would come on and emit the loud noises that vacuum cleaners have a tendency to do. The growl never silenced the kitty, and when I had a laugh about it at that time, I grew older to realize how respectable this cat was, how ahead of this time the cat was.

The cat, in essence, was a political activist, a punk rocker, an artist, an individual with her own values and ideals who would not be silenced, and no matter how loud the opposing growl was, how frightening it appeared, she would always speak up.

I suppose we all grow up and learn to be silent. Some of us learn not to explain our opinions, do not care enough to describe what we are feeling, do not want to say what is right or what is wrong. Or worst of all, some of us don't bother to ask why, to want an explanation, some of us don't want to care.

And if I said I cared about half the evils of this world, I would be a hypocrite. But I at least know what's right and what is wrong, despite sometimes participating in the latter. But that's okay, I have good will, and with my sister's cat as my role model, I'll get by with little doubt.


D. Drover is a writer and poet from Newfoundland, Canada. He writes different little things every now and then that he enjoys enough, at that time, to show other people.


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