Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hazard Cat Has Been Live For a Little Over a Year

Our number one post hit is 5 Kitten Poems by David McLean.

Thank you to all my contributors and readers on this adventure of Hazard Cat. I plan to keep it going for a while, and believe it or not, I'm still going through May submissions!

Keep an eye out this summer when I hope to reopen paying submissions. I will have them open for two weeks to a month.


Deborah Walker said...

Wow. Loving the new Hazard Cats look.

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats! And, I'd like to second Deborah's statement. I love the way the blog's looking. :D

mark said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Meow!!! Blackie said.

mark said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

Meow, Rosie says also.

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