Friday, March 4, 2011

First-Feline Point of View by RD Hartwell

First-Feline Point of View
by RD Hartwell

I overheard someone say,
first-person is the true
method made to order,
putting one’s persona forward,
transmitting all related life
from one’s own point-of-view.

Well, I am not a person!
Don’t really want to be one,
I’m a cat, that’s felis catus,
and a good one for all that.

Kitten-written stories, myths,
memoirs, and self-biography,
should all have cat-perspective,
First-Feline POV!

I like the singsong sound,
such euphonic melody,
neo-literary label,
kitten-written totality.

Lest you think it’s easy
writing as a cat,
Let me disabuse you,
challenge you to those
obstacles to my fiction
purrr-fection with which
I daily have to deal.

There is the oft-presumed
handicap of not being
able to push pen or pencil;
but, new computer
as one can plainly see,
creates a neat solution;
not a bone to pick
but a boon for me.

I used to meow-morize
creative contributions,
relating them aloud,
fables and folklore,
essays, lies, and more,
anecdotal aphorisms or
extended metaphor.

Now I am no longer limited,
to catalogues by word-of-mouth,
and by a memory taxed to break,
now given way to memory sticks.

All I ask from others now
is to be left alone to type.


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