Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bus Journey through a Dream by Lynda Nash

Bus Journey through a Dream
by Lynda Nash

An old Victorian lady, dressed in black and white, sat comfortably upstairs at the back. On her and around her, mewled and purred and pawed a variety of black and white cats. ‘These are for sale,’ she said, though I had not asked.

Choosing was tricky (I‘d wanted an all black one). As I dithered the old woman sang, ‘Two a penny, two a penny. If you do not buy one then you won’t have any! Nothing is ever black or white it’s a mixture of the two. If you can’t accept the grey these aren’t the cats for you.’

The bus stopped. And I realised the stairs were the wrong side. I alighted into the centre of the road, cat-less but wiser.


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