Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Cat's Life by Jane Lobb

It’s a Cat’s Life
by Jane Lobb

You may think that Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday,

Make no difference to your sweet little honey,

But I’ll let you into a secret, you clearly don’t see,

The different days of the week, put my life all at sea...

From Monday through Friday, at the crack of dawn you clear off,

For the majority of the day, I can laze, snooze or scoff,

In the evenings you return around six o’clock,

Just in time to feed me and satisfy my body clock...

But Saturday and Sunday – who invented those days?

When children and adults descend and splay,

You get up at different times, my breakfast is late,

This different routine, I have grown to hate....

I get interrupted in my sleep, have to rest in different places,

To avoid the noise and the busy ways,

And when I’m ready for my evening cuddle

You go out the door and return really late; and all in a muddle...

So, spare a thought to the Cat on those horrible weekends,

When you change the routine for your own ends.

I live here too, I’ll have you know,

A little extra consideration, is all I ask that you show.


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