Friday, June 25, 2010

If Life Could Be Like That by Angie Skelhorn

by Angie Skelhorn

I enjoy my morning coffee in the company of the sun, wind, and wildlife. On this day I sat alone for some time without distraction. My cat, Oscar, decided to attract my attention. He made his way under the balcony, on to the brace-boards and was calling out.

Oscar playfully rubbed himself along the wood. I stood, walked over, and gave him some love before I directed him how to come down.

My little friend rushed, tail in the air, to where I waited at the bottom of the stairs. Again we shared niceties. Once I knew he was safe and could decide for himself to stay or come, I returned to where I sat. Seconds later Oscar came running. He gave me a sharp meow to announce his presence. Two seconds later he jumped into my lap. He rolled over on to his back, then on to his paws. I reached out to stroke his soft hair. His purr said it all. His joy for the moment quickly spread into me. I'm grateful for Oscar even though before we met I didn't want another feline.

Let me start at the beginning. Many, many, many years ago I dreamt in my arms a smoky grey cat. Upon a visit to the family farm I heard a panic meow. Amongst the tall weeds I found a scared smoky grey kitten just old enough to be on his own. I named him Chucky and brought him home with me to the city.

The delicate little kitten stayed by my side for twenty-three years. He possessed the ability to calm. He brought me great comfort.

Chucky was a rough looking cat when he had a stroke. I tried to bring him ease in his hour of need. After Chucky was laid to rest I didn't want another feline. The scar on my heart needed time to heal.

Oscar and I met on a sunny afternoon about four years go. I was living down town, when Oscar adopted me as his friend. The truck I was in pulled up into the parking spot. I stepped out. I saw an orange lightly, striped cat coming toward me from a distance. I invited him in to my ground floor apartment for a meal. He ate stayed for awhile and, with a loud meow at the front door, requested to be let outside.

His visits were quite frequent. I named him Oscar. He is the perfect silhouette of a sleek golden statue.

I moved to the home my grandfather built for my grandmother. There is a love story behind the construction.

Oscar wasn't going to be left behind. During the move my friends daughter put Oscar in the bathroom until all was settled. Oscar never fought his relocation. He slept while a few of my closest friends organized what needed to be done.

My friend's daughter cared for Oscar. She kept him safe from harm. When it came time to leave she wrapped Oscar inside her coat. She talked gently to ease his travels. He rested in her arms like a baby.

Oscar adjusted quickly to his new environment. My little friend will sit by the front door and release one large meow when he wants outside to roam. No matter how long he is in the hay fields, he'll always come home.

I'm not impressed with the chipmunks, birds and other small creatures he brings to me as offerings of devotion. That I could do without. I never scold him for I understand what he does is only part of the circle of life.

I value Oscar's psychic sensitivity. He has the same ability as all cats; Oscar is sensitive to energy vibrations. His radar reacts when Spirit are especially active allowing me to know it is time to tune in.

My little friend is polite pet. When he returns home he lets out a quick meow to say thank you as he charges through the door on his way to his food dish.

Oscar spends his life being pampered because he doesn't expect much. His wants
are small. His needs basic. A safe home, a clean litter box, fresh water, food for his tiny belly and every now and then some affection.

Oscar brings me as much comfort as I bring him. A solid friendship of giving and receiving love and support.

If people could be more like Oscar what a world we would have; the power to bring out the best in each other. There, through the good times and bad. A loyal companion. A true friend.

Author Bio- Angie Skelhorn's web site. Her first novel "On The Edge," will be released by in August 2010.


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