Friday, June 18, 2010

The Game of Cat and Mouse by Jane Lobb

The Game of Cat and Mouse
by Jane Lobb

May I request an ear in our comfortable house,

To explain the rules of cat and mouse,

The situation is currently getting out of hand,

So please take time to listen and understand.

To hunt and kill is an innate feline trait,

One that requires careful skill and no mistake,

To become adept requires practise and precision,

A competence to be admired, not viewed with derision.

When I deliver a creature that is all dead,

Don’t jump up, scream and be filled with dread,

It’s a gift to thank you for your love and consideration,

In the only way I can provide communication.

So, when presented with a treasured mouse,

Don’t remove it immediately from your house,

Simply, give me a stroke and a little treat,

And (when I’m not looking) remove it quickly, it’s no mean feat.

I can then curl up on you lap, my work all done,

And we can share moments together, some,

I’ll be happy having accomplished my mission,

And you’ll have learnt the art of discretion.


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