Friday, April 9, 2010

For Solstice by T.J. Banks

by T.J. Banks

(April 15, 1999 -- September 9, 2004)

You come to me

in the garden

skimming silently

across the falling leaves.

I turn,

& there you are,

every Abyssinian inch of you

from glowing amber eyes

to silky apricot belly

finely limned as in a


Your dark-tipped whip of a tail

wrapped about your ghost-paws,

you sit there,

quiet & loving-eyed

as in life,

& our souls touch once again

in greeting.

All roads do not

end in death
, you tell me:

soul-knots cannot be untied.

Your cougar-lithe body

is gone,

but your spirit lingers,

as magical -- & as real --

as roses in November.


Aubrie said...

What a beautiful elegy for a very much loved cat. :)

ANO07 said...

A heart-filled poem to a beloved cat. The verse makes you pause and wonder... about our life and the Beyond. I love the depth of the verse, and also its touch of a lighter side that comes out through the friendly, protecting shape of the cat ghost.

An absolutely thought-provoking, eye-opening and soul-touching poem!

T. J. Banks said...

I just found your comment today, Aubrie, but thank you so much. Solstice was indeed a very much loved cat & is still with me in many ways.

T. J. Banks said...

Thanks, Alex! As always, you get to the heart of the matter --

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