Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bobochi (art) by Terrianne Swift and Where Bobochi Goes by H.E. Mantel/HaroHalola

Bobochi by Terrianne Swift (Art)


"Chi, Chi...Bobochi?"
She gains in the game of seek,
hides, peeking? sure, not
even the balloon-squeaker,
rats!, quiet as a cat in

stealth, "Bobochi...Chi?"
(whistlewhistle) hidden, dare
the lair not bidden
To the place where Bobochi
, away from Ginzze` and

the Cezar, lieu and
lady of boxes', hammock,
foxes there (somewhere!)
when the clock strikes her fancy
feat and feast to seclude and

mock? out-out fluffy
vandal, I'll get your handle
"Littlebowl? Manduu?"
drat! not kippers nor slippers
or gour...? There she is!

(For ST)


Aubrie said...

Beautiful picture with nice warm orange tones :) And cute poem, very original. :)

HaroHalola said...

Hello, Aubrie - TY for your comments & attention to our Work; I speak here in regard to the Poem, as Terrianne is the artist/creator of the drawing - we collaborate on "Animal Poetry & Art," certainly, she will address your comment on the drawing of Bobochi, her Maine Coon rescue. TY for your gracious words for my Poem, my Work strives to "invention & originality," rewarding to hear your perceptions; I hope we will favor you & Hazard Cat, again (actually, Terrianne is a Poet as well, & will have her Work posted here) - H.e.m./H'H.

Lisa said...

I absolutely love the drawing, so much so that I haven't been able to get past it to the poem yet! Has the artist made any cards of her work? I'd love to purchase some.

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