Friday, April 2, 2010

Cats A-Plenty by Sally M. Harris

Cats A-Plenty
by Sally M. Harris

I'm blessed with cats a-plenty,
as many as I can find
I love them each to pieces,
I'm not the monogamous kind

No discrimination on my part,
any feline will do
Affection, food, a cozy bed,
my furry friend's needs are few

Devon Rex, Siamese, or street cats
are equally appealing
On a cold and desperate night
their love is warm and healing

I don't mind when they sleep all day
leaving stray fur here and there
All I ask is they please not spray.
I think that's only fair.

Sally M. Harris- children's author
"Reaching children of all ages"


Aubrie said...

Aww what a great poem and so true! MY brother started with one cat, and now he has four. They tend to multiply!

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