Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poem by Jason Lamorris Rivers

I had a cat as a pet
And I shared with
Different friends,
Ashamed to love this cat,
But I couldn't no longer
Cats are so innocent,
And so easy to befriend,

We would feed this cat
Cause we cared about it bad,
And if we didn't feed it,
Then we would suddenly get

Cats mean no harm,
With us, they don't want to fight,
They just want to meow,
And demand that we hold them

That cat was amongst many
Who were astray in the woods,
We didn't know much about
But we did what we should,

When you treat cats right
They tend to hang around,
Which may not be good
When certain family's around,
Cause they may not,
See cats as innocent as you do,

Cause they're afraid of cats,
They start jumping around,
And running for their lives
And make screaming loud sounds,

Cats get confused,
Cause they don't understand
Their vibes,

They're suddenly ran off
From the spot where they layed
Then by you they feel
They were suddenly betrayed,

I hate it the most
When cats are abused,
Hit by brooms, and shot
By pellet guns,

Enough to the point
Where it just makes me
Want to cry,
Cause abuse against
for no reason!? I wonder why?

They just want to be loved,
And they're in search
Of a friend,
So for cruelty of cats
I just ask that it ends

Jason Lamorris Rivers Copyright ©2010

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