Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cats on Crack! by Anne Latsko

Cats on Crack!
by Anne Latsko

Cats are falling from the sky!
Pink ones!
Blue ones!
Green and red!
I know that when they hit the ground
They surely won’t be dead.
Because the ground is made of cotton candy
Cotton balls,
All light and dandy.
Fluff meets fluff as fur hits the ground
The cats are bouncing all around!
They hit the floor; they reach the sky,
Soft whiskers tickle my noise
As, with a whoosh, the cats fly by.
Kittens hang on mother’s tails;
Mews fill the air in delightful cacophony!
Sunlight bathes coats in liquid light rays
That cats breath as they soar.
I wish that it would never end.
That the cats wouldn’t stop playing,
That the sun wouldn’t stop shining,
And the floor would never go from cotton candy
To cement.


Kevin said...

This is genius! I want to see more poems like this!

Ellie said...

Please, post more poems like this!!

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