Friday, July 15, 2011

Interview with Merlin from Gaia Dreams by Pamela Davis

Heard about Hazard Cat and had to stop by. I’ve been out and about with my pet, Lisanne. She thinks she owns me, but I see her as my pet human. We’re out there promoting the book, Gaia Dreams, which was just released, a book where I am featured! Well, so are some other animals and humans, but I guarantee I’m the one you’ll remember the most.

So, the end of the world is not as final as you might think. It is, however, quite messy. Disasters happening all over the place, and who is always forgotten at those times? The animals of course. Cats like me are the ones who survive. We survive by having a human completely under our, um, paw.

Hello, Merlin. We’ve never had an interview on Hazard Cat before, and we’re super-excited to have one with a cat from a book! Tell me, what do you look like?

Gorgeous, naturally. Oh, you want details? Solid black shining fur with large golden eyes that can stare right into your innermost thoughts.

I hear you associate largely with one person, Lisanne. What’s she like?

A pain in the—neck. She’s incredibly smart brain-wise, but dumb as can be when it comes to living life. Without me, who knows where she’d end up. Let’s just say that I am the reason she’s still alive.

I’ve read your story, and I’m amazed that you endured so much disaster. How did you keep clean?

By insisting that Lisanne carry me wherever there was a mess. Humans do have their uses, you know.

What did you think about riding in a car out of a cat carrier?

I refused to be imprisoned by such an inhibiting cage! I will admit there were times I landed rather unceremoniously on the floor of the car, and it is true I had to hang on by my claws a few times to keep from being thrown around, but that’s all in the line of duty for an independent such as myself.

Do you prefer laptops, or would you be able to work well with a blackberry or iPad?

An iPad might work, but a laptop is best. Anything with a mouse is fun.

What was the scariest thing you encountered with your person, Lisanne, in the telling of your story in Gaia Dreams?

Lisanne’s driving. Ha. No, it was the snakes. Don’t ask, I can’t say more.

What is happening now? Rumor has it you have more of a story to tell. Don’t give away everything! We human readers, unlike cats, like to be surprised.

There is more of a story coming—if the author could be chained to her computer it would come out sooner. I will be featured prominently. I’ve suggested a title of Merlin’s Amazing Adventures, but so far it has been voted down.

Thanks for coming to Hazard Cat, Merlin. Any advice to give cats in preparation for the end of the world as we know it?

Try not to hook up with a party girl. Stock up on cans of tuna and salmon—rather, make sure your human does so. And direct your human to a safe zone where there is plenty of fish. Lightly sauteed trout is delectable, and humans are great at catching fish.

Where can we read your story?
Gaia Dreams on Kindle

Gaia Dreams in Paperback


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