Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seeing in the Dark by Bruce Boston

Seeing in the Dark
by Bruce Boston

The cats come out at night
to prowl the neighborhood.
On rooftops and in yards
some gather to fight.

Others join in exploits
of feline exploration
beneath the passing moon.

The cat lady from the dirty
white frame at the corner
stands alone in her robe
at the end of the block.

She summons her brood
of strays and discards,
long-haired and short.

She croons to them
in a language all her own,
She offers loud kisses
to the night.

She calls again and again,
yet her wayward charges
have other needs.

With a complement of senses
and a questing sentience,
a range of emotions
and eccentric variations,
each in its own way
consumes the curious night.


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