Friday, April 22, 2011

The Killer by Nathan Tyree

The Killer

by Nathan Tyree

The cat twisted itself around in a corkscrew configuration as
it closed the distance from the branch to the ground.
It seemed to have too much weight for its size;
yet it exhibited a level of grace that Robert found difficult to believe
or understand. He watched as it descended into a low crouch against the earth.
As soon as it landed, the cat looked ready to pounce, ready to strike against any adversary. This, Robert thought, is a real predator.
Not like those bogus tough guys always strutting around with too much muscle,
and too little brain. No, the cat was nothing like them.
The cat was a killer right down to the bone. Pity any poor rodent or reptile
that came into its view. The cat, Robert was certain, had no worries
and no fear. Only hunger.


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