Friday, December 3, 2010

The Kindness of Cats by Carol Ayer

by Carol Ayer

Penny was in bed, trying hard for a nap,
Her energy a migraine had sadly zapped.
Rebecca the cat hopped up on the bed,
“Won't you come out to play?” she said.

“Dear Rebecca, I do not feel well,
My head is aching, can't you tell?”

“I only ache when you forget my treat,
Have you tried having something to eat?”

“Please leave me alone is all that I ask,
Won't you go out to the sunshine to bask?”

Rebecca obliged, but she left a bit sad.
She always felt helpless when Penny felt bad.

Later Penny awoke beside a bundle of fur.
“I brought you some food,” Rebecca did purr.

Penny looked around and saw with dismay,
lying on her pillow a half-eaten blue jay.


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