Friday, August 13, 2010

Postcards from the Road by Kevin Craig

Postcards from the Road
by Kevin Craig

I’ll place you curbside, my lovely,
Calico eyes emptied,
life dwindled to a sigh.

You’ll be a postcard
to sadness,
a little girl’s cry.

Soft coat stained and shrill,
you’ll find a square
of fallen sunlight,
dapple your stretched body
into somber green.

I’ll shed a tear
for the sadness yet to come,
the missing purr at morning’s door,
dabbled spots of milk
You’ll not devour.

I’ll set you here amid the grass,
where later they will find you,
a sad refrain,
a lost postcard

from the road.


seaaircarol said...

Lovely poem.

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